“Provision of continues primary health care facilities in Project Villages”

Clinic OPDs
Location: Sikkim
Bhavishya Bharat has introduced the out-patient clinic to offer basic medical services in the vicinity of PVs by qualified medical practitioners. The services include; consultation, medicine and all pathological investigations including blood test, USG, ECG and X-ray facilities are provided.
Number of visits recorded:1,03,649 (As on: 31 March 2014)

Mobile OPDs
Location: Sikkim
Mobile OPDs is intended to provide healthcare facilities to the project villagers that are not covered by the clinics. For this purpose, Bhavishya Bharat operates mobile van clinic that is equipped with multispecialty healthcare facilities.

Mobile Hospital cum Diagnostic Van: This is the first of its kind equipped with all modern equipment for medical treatment ranging from primary health care to super specialisation to be used in North Sikkim. The mobile hospital covers all the 9 project affected villages along with the dedicated medical team committing itself to provide best medical facilities at the doorsteps of the people thus taking care of people in the villages that have limited access to specialized healthcare services. The entire unit is fabricated on a four wheel drive well-built vehicle that can effectively negotiate even in cross-country terrains.

The state-of-the-art hospital equipped with the latest medical equipment and medicines will provide prompt delivery of health-care services to areas that are remote and far-reached. The unit is also equipped with the state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities such as portable X-ray machines, Microscopes, ECG, Gastro fibro scope, ultrasound, autoclaves, stretchers, laboratory facility and other essential diagnostic accessories. A generator for power supply is also fitted in the vehicle. The vehicle is accompanied by a dedicated medical team consisting of a doctor, two nurses, a lab technician and a radiographer.

Use of the mobile hospital cum Diagnostic van in the project affected villages have made significant advances in taking quality health care to people residing in remote and far-flung areas of north Sikkim.
Number of visits recorded:5,712 (As on: 31 March 2014)

Health Camps
Location: Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh
Bhavishya Bharat conducts general and specialised medical camps including immunization programmes, in collaboration with State and Central Governments and other institutions providing healthcare. The camps are organised in the project areas by bringing experienced medical practitioners from time to time. Prescribed medicines and phytology test were provided for free of cost to the participants.

Health Awareness Programme
Location: Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh
The awareness programmes are aimed at making people aware of the importance of personal hygiene, intoxication and prevention of water borne diseases. As part of health awareness programme several campaigns were organised to raise awareness among the project villagers.

Anti- Tobacco and Alcohol campaign: series of awareness programmes including seminars, rallies, multimedia presentations, debate competitions and painting competitions were conducted to bring awareness an adverse effect of tobacco and alcohol consumption on human health.

Hygiene Education: The primary aims of hygiene education is to improve behavior through useful practices connected to personal, water, food, domestic and public hygiene. Several awareness programmes are organised to educate people on good hygiene practices.

Awareness programme on cleanliness and hand washing: In order to keep the children away from the illness, a series of awareness camps organised in the schools of project villages. In the camps, experts demonstrate hygienic hand washing to the children, so that they can practice their own at their homes.

Medical Profiling, Blood Grouping
Location: Sikkim
Bhavishya Bharat maintains the records of medical profiles of the villagers who visit the clinics. For this purpose health cards have been distributed to their families to tract their records. Advance clinic software is being developed by Bhavishya Bharat to digitalize all their records for further analysis.
Blood sampling and grouping exercise was carried out by Bhavishya Bharat for the students of the project villagers. Subsequently, the records containing the details of child name, school studying in, class and blood group has been shared to the respective school principal as well as to the Presidents of Gram Panchayats.

Healthy Home Practice
Location: Sikkim
Healthy home practice programme is intended to recognise the best practiced families to inspire the other families of project villagers. As part of the programme, Bhavishya Bharat health team and community representative visits the houses and do the survey on five major parameters. These are personal hygiene, domestic hygiene, environmental sanitation, socio-economic parameters and hygiene including events organised by the households. Basing on these parameters, the team selects the best practiced houses and felicitate them in the public meeting.


“Improving the learning processes of the children in project villages”

Knowledge Centre
Location: Sikkim
Knowledge center is a place for the children in the project villages to get tuitions in all the subjects for students studying from class one to five on all days except Sundays. The center has a collection of books, drawings, coloring materials, articles, magazines and technical documents that provides a range of developmental information for the community. The centre is also equipped with indoor and outdoor games facilities. It aims to reduce the knowledge gap and improve awareness levels among rural communities. The centre in-charge engages the children in guiding and facilitating the activities of the centre.
Number of Knowledge Centres:8
Visits recorded:80,273 (As on: 31 March 2014)

e- Learning Center
Location: Sikkim
e- Learning center is a place for kids from five to twelve years of age for fun and learning. The e-Learning portal at the project villages host lessons for classes one to ten in various subjects including mathematics, English, science, social sciences, physics, biology and chemistry. It also has ‘game’ section with rhymes, children stories and fairy tales, multiplication tables and moral stories in the form of colorfully animated pictures and words.
Number of e-Learning Centers:8
Visits recorded:45,566 (As on: 31 March 2014)

Child Sponsorship
Location: Sikkim
Bhavishya Bharat sponsorship programme enables the children of unprevailed families to continue schooling. The sponsorship programme is usually for the students of project villages studying from class one to ten. Through the sponsorship programme the children receive support for most of the education related expenses including school fees and boarding expenses etc..
Total number of children receiving the support: 72 (As on: 31 March 2014)

Hostel Facility
Location: Sikkim
As most of the project villages are in hilly terrain, it became a challenge for the children to attain school every day. In order to overcome the problem, Bhavishya Bharat initiated the hostel facility to the children in project villages. Education team of Bhavishya Bharat inspects the hostel regularly to verify the facilities provided to the hostel children. On monthly basis team collects the feedback from children to improve the quality of services provided to them.

Extra- Curricular Activities
Location: Sikkim
Extra-Curricular activities help children to increase academic performance, ability to think creatively and emotional understanding and expression. Bhavishya Bharat conducts extra- curricular activities that includes inter-school debate competitions, spell –bee, drawing and sports competitions, participation in cultural activities, etc. for the children of project villages. Meritorious students receive awards for these competitions.

Awareness Programmes and Counseling
Location: Sikkim
Bhavishya Bharat conducts awareness programme for children to educate them on social issues which helps them to build their career. Awareness programmes includes seminars, workshops to address intoxication, environment protection, career counseling etc.

Help the needy: As part of the awareness programme, help the needy has been initiated where students contribute a fist full of rice, once a month. The rice which has been collected by the children will be donated to the orphans. It is not only helps the orphans but creates sense of social responsibility among the children.


“Creation of additional livelihood options within the communities”
Mothers Enterprise
Location: Sikkim
The main purpose of this initiative is to reviving local economy and to make livelihoods more sustainable among the villagers. Mothers’ enterprise involves a group of women from same village who are interested in taking up livelihood activities with the support of Bhavishya Bharat. The major activities of mothers’ enterprises include mushroom cultivation, poultry, floriculture, pisciculture and animal husbandry.

Mushroom Cultivation: As there is a huge demand in the market for quality mushrooms in the region, Bhavishya Bharat encourages the members of mothers’ enterprise to pursue mushroom cultivation. Subsequently, trainings were also provided for the selective members in support with ICAR, Gangtok.
Poultry Farming: With support of ICAR, Bhavishya Bharat distributing checks to the members of the mothers’ enterprise for poultry rearing. Livelihood team of Bhavishya Bharat regularly visits the beneficiaries houses/forms and provide suggests.

Maintaining UV Water Plants and Solar Charging Units: Bhavishya Bharat initiated UV water plants and solar charging units to overcome the problem of water borne diseases and power supply in the remote terrains of project villages. Now these plants are operating through the mothers’ enterprise groups. Bhavishya Bharat provided technical trainings to them to run the units smoothly.

Vocational Sewing School: Six months tailoring course has been introduced to promote livelihood opportunities for the unemployed women in project villages. The school is affiliated with USHA International Ltd.

Facilitation to the Farmers
Location: Sikkim
Bhavishya Bharat facilitates farmers of the project villages to learn, discuss and enhance their knowledge. Bhavishya Bharat team coordinates regularly with the farmers and provides agricultural suppliers and technical support through concern departments of State and Central Governments.
Revival of Large Cardamom: For reviving large cardamom, Bhavishya Bharat has distributed 58,000 cardamom sucker plants to the 199 families of project villages. The team of Bhavishya Bharat have been monitoring the growth of cardamom plants regularly and providing technical support for systematic method of plantation. Each distributed plant has the yielding potential up to 15 years.

Promotion of Horticulture: Bhavishya Bharat provides quality seeds of cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, pea, onion, palkee and radish from horticulture department of Sikkim State to promote horticulture in the vicinity of project areas.

Facilitation for Self-Help Groups
Location: Sikkim
Bhavishya Bharat encourages the women from project villages in formation of SHGs and provides regular support for conducting monthly meetings of the respective groups. Members gather, discuss the issues and save money for their financial security. Trainings are also organised to the members to maintain their groups and to record their financial transactions systematically. As part of the thrift and credit programme, the SHGs have been involved in savings and inter-loaning activities.
Number of groups formed: 9
Total number of members:94 (As on: 31 March 2014)

Youth Training Programme
Location: Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim
Bhavishya Bharat initiated unique training programme for the project area of Bhavanapadu Thermal Power Project (BTPP) and in Sikkim Project to enhance physical and mental strength of the youth through development of soft skills for motivating and realization of self-potential to move towards self-reliance and thereby improving the quality of their lives. The training programme provided opportunities to local youth for careers in Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces and Police.

Zero – Point Nursery
Location: Sikkim
Bhavishya Bharat developed a nursery where plants are propagated and grown to usable size. This is also a place to provide practical trainings to the farmers to understand modern technologies in the cultivation of various crops.

Social – Infrastructure Development:

The main objective of social – infrastructure development is to improve quality of life of the communities.

Infrastructure Development
Location: Sikkim
Bhavishya Bharat executed the constructions works of common properties such as Gumpa, kitchen at Gumpa, community centers, schools, primary health centers, etc… as identified by the villagers, Panchayats, Government officials and R&R committee.
Infrastructure handed over to the community

  • Monastery School Hostel at Shipgyer
  • Piped Water Supply at Kazor, Singhik, Ramom, Pegong, Saffo
  • Gumpa at Saffo
  • Kitchen at Ramom Gumpa
  • Community Center at Pegong
  • Science Laboratory and Girls Hostel at Chungthang
  • Meditation Center for Lamas at Chungthang
  • Gumpa and Gumpa Kitchen in Singhik
  • School Ground at Kazor
  • School Ground at Saffo

Infrastructure in progress

  • Gumpa at Shipgyer
  • Lower Primary School at Theng
  • School Hostel at Singhik
  • PHC at Singhik

Infrastructure yet to start

  • Mani Lakhang at Theng
  • Guru Lahang at Chungthang
  • Gumpa at Ramom
  • Gumpa Kitchen at Saffo

Sahyog: Support –an-Aged Programme
Location: Sikkim
To help the elderly people who might be in dire need of help for their survival, Bhavishya Bharat initiated Sahyog in May 2012. It is a Support an Aged programme that envisages supporting the disadvantaged elderly people to live with respect and dignity. In total, 18 elderly persons, including eight women from PVs have been supported through the Sahyog (Support an Aged). These elderly people receive monthly supply of ration and other essential with cash support of Rs. 200 every month. The table below shows the list of items supplied every month to the Sahyog Program.

Commemoration of Special Days
Location: Sikkim
In order to promote social and cultural harmony in the project areas Bhavishya Bharat celebrates special days such as World Environment Day, Women’s Day and World No-Tobacco day etc… In addition to the celebration of special days, Bhavishya Bharat sponsors the sports events among the project villages