Trustee Message

If our country is to develop into a great power it is imperative that rural development keeps pace with the rest of the country.  Bhavishya Bharat Foundation by its activities will attempt to ensure that the rural areas in the vicinity of infrastructure development are suitably developed so that all men, women and children are healthy and have reasonably comfortable life with the requisite skills to stand on their own feet and become part of the nation’s future.  

Our vision is focused to impact on rural communities through social and economic development and to ensure that the future of our children and grand children are secure. Our thrust is on rural medical care, development of education, livelihood programmes, promotion of horticulture, agriculture, floriculture and diary development, provision of clean drinking water to the villages and hygiene and sanitation. 

In fact we would like to touch every aspect of an individual’s life. By this we hope to ensure that everyone who is affected by infrastructure development is made to feel that it is for his/her betterment. We dream of   a very bright and prosperous Bhavishya Bharat. We are determined to see that it is translated into reality.

Jai Hind!

Lt Gen Retd Hari Prasad(Retd)

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